Our Philosophy

Manage Risk: Risk is best managed through a portfolio of thousands of securities that is broadly diversified and passively managed. The majority of investors should have portfolios with both equities and fixed income securities.

Markets Work: Markets efficiently reward investors for supplying capital. The reward is based on the risk taken— risk and return are related. Over the long term, Wall Street research offers investors no additional value.

Customised Portfolios: One size does not fit all. Investment portfolios should be matched to an investor’s individual goals and risk tolerance based on six factors: time horizon, net worth, savings rate, risk attitude, investment knowledge and money values.

Long Term: Portfolios that incorporate equities should focus on the long term to allow for maximum appreciation and avoid the pitfalls of market timing.

Regular Consultation: Investors should always work from a written investment policy statement. Regular, in-depth consultations between advisors and clients will help advisors provide sound investment advice