We help affluent clients preserve their wealth while still achieving capital growth, using the same risk management principles employed by university endowments and pension plans. As part of this process, we utilize alternative investments vehicles and solutions that are typically only available to institutional investors.

  • Creation of customized client portfolios through asset allocation, manager and security selection.
  • Strategic (long-term) asset allocation and portfolio design.
  • Tactical (active) portfolio positioning to take advantage of valuations or dislocations in an asset class or sector of the market.
  • Premium Investment Service realizes the sensitivity required to manage individual portfolios. Therefore certain sophisticated investments, although available to most clients, are only utilized after careful analysis and discussion with each client to ensure they are appropriate for their individual portfolio.

​Premium Investment Service’s goal is to select the best possible solutions for our clients, without conflict or bias. Potential utilization of Alternative Investments such as hedge funds, infrastructure, real estate and private equity employing ‘best of class’ managers. These solutions are favoured, as their returns have a low correlation with those of standard asset classes, adding value to the overall portfolio.

Access to opportunistic investments that offer a higher return potential to exploit market dislocations due to a specific event either at the sector, industry or security level.

Performance reporting and analysis at both the account level and on a consolidated basis.