The Entrepreneur

Your financial life, your customized solution

At Premium Investment Service we will provide you with peace of mind through Wealth Management advice and services that meet the unique needs and objectives of your financial life.

What Can Premium Investment Service Provide?

  • Business Succession Planning utilizing a multidisciplinary advising solution.

  • Custom tailored portfolios professionally managed to individual mandates

  • Education programs for the next generation

  • Education and guidance on financial matters

  • Business succession planning

  • Easy to read consolidated reporting

  • Regular meetings at a frequency determined by the client at a convenient location

  • Access to a wide network of professionals such as lawyers and accountants

  • Detailed performance reporting

  • Facilitate the consolidation of investments and assets

Common Concerns (Prior to Working with Premium Investment)

  • Unhappy with time required to manage finances

  • Concerned about risk of financial loss

  • Worried about ability of heirs to manage wealth

The Entrepreneur

A wealth creator still actively growing wealth through multiple ventures and has two younger children. There are accumulated savings in both personal and corporate accounts. His/her time has been dedicated to work and family, resulting in the investment portfolio not being managed or addressed on a regular basis due to a lack of time.